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form a产地证样本,FORM,A,form a是什么意思,co和form a的区别

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发布公司: 深圳市万利源进出口有限公司 未核实 公司地区: 广东 深圳 产品名称:form a原产地证 产品价格: 100.00元/份 立即议价 联系方式: 0755-25421158 13632601536 联...

ORIGINAL 1. Goods consigned from (Exporter's business name, address, country) Reference No. GENERALIZED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (Combined declaration and certificate) 2. Goods consigned to (Consignee's name, address, country) Issued in FORM A THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (country) See Notes overleaf 3 Means of transport and route (as far as known) 4. For official use 5. Item number 6. Marks and numbers of packages 7. Number and kind of packages;

description of goods 8. Origin criterion (see Notes overleaf) 9. Gross weight or other quantity 10. Number and date of invoices 11. Certification 12. Declaration by the exporter It is hereby certified, on the basis of control carried out, that the The undersigned hereby declares that the above details and statements declaration by the exporter is correct. are correct, that all the goods were produced in CHINA (country) and that they comply with the origin requirements specified for those goods in the Generalized System of Preferences for goods exported to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Place and date, signature and stamp of certifying authority ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Place and date, signature and stamp of authorized signatory

FORM A 是普惠制原产地证明书格式A,它的全称是《普遍优惠制原产证明(申报与证明之联合格式)格式A》,英文为:GENERALIZED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES...

都是属于产地证 但是CO 任何国家都能做,没有优惠政策,只能表示原产国。 FORM A 针对个别国家,有减免关税的作用。

因为给你递进去了之后, 过 10 天半个月办好了之后不知去取的是什么东西,就算能说出名也没用,因为 会有很多雷同的文件名,但不知是谁的. 最后一点:FORM A 主要是给发...

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form a产地证样本,FORM,A,form a是什么意思,co和form a的区别